Medi-Kid Safety Insoles


Kids -- or adults -- should never leave home without ID on them. But how often do we violate these rules? Maybe because the ID is too bulky or you have nowhere to put it.

These insoles, introduced at The Super Show, are a great idea. But they still need a bit of work. Here's the concept: You buy a package with two simple thin footbeds. Each footbed has a slit in the underside just in front of the heel bone. Each package also comes with teeny ID cards to fill in with all the pertinent info, plastic lamination material, and a small red plastic tag to thread onto your shoelaces that says "Medi-Kid." After you fill out the card, and laminate it, you stick it in the footbed's slit.

The theory goes that you put this in your shoe with the card and, if something happens, you have your ID underfoot, so to speak. That's a great idea and it will work well for some.

But there are two problems:

1) If the law enforcement agencies don't know about the equipment, they won't necessarily look in your footbed.

2) Many runners and walkers I know have special insoles or orthotics, and this little thin foam footbed won't cut the mustard.

We at SNEWS are huge fans of carrying ID for safety. We really like the idea of a little kit with lamination materials. But there has to be a better place to put it, clip it, hang it, or attach it than a pre-fab footbed.

One suggestion: The company should just sell the ID papers and lamination supplies so folks can put it where they want – perhaps under their own orthotic. Or in a key pocket. Meanwhile, with little bettter on the market, this is a great big step in the right direction.

SNEWS Rating: 2 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection.

Suggested Retail: Basic kit for kids: $12.99, plus shipping

For information:; 817-267-3568



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