Letter to the Editor: Outdoor Business Outlook

I am writing in reference to your article on the OIA Rendezvous, scheduled for early October.

To the editor:

I am writing in reference to your article on the OIA Rendezvous, scheduled for early October.

I echo your sentiments that this is a wonderful event, worthy of support from all who can find the time and money to attend. We're fortunate to be a part of an industry that has an event at which folks put aside their competitive differences for a few days and discuss how to work together and grow the business.

I must, however, take issue with your comments regarding the Outdoor Business Outlook scheduled for April 22-24,2004 at Torrey Pines in San Diego. First of all, Outdoor Business, not SGB, hosts this event. And secondly, The Outlook is very different from The Rendezvous. The Outlook is modeled on the very successful SGB Forum, which is now in its 13th year, where a select group of retailers and vendors come together in a relaxed setting and talk about how they can better work together. Outlook is planned as a very focused working event that should be a good complement to work that is done in offices, at trade shows and bigger events like the Rendezvous.

I am surprised that an open-minded, progressive publication such as SNEWS would criticize an event like Outlook before it is even held. Outlook has received excellent feedback from retailers and sponsors alike and we anticipate a wonderful first event in April.

The outdoor industry is certainly large enough to support a number of quality events, especially if they serve different purposes.

Yours truly,

Mark J. Sullivan -- Group Editor & Publisher, Outdoor Business/SGB/Sporting Goods Dealer


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