Keepin' it fresh and on-trend -- spring 2007 trends

Spring has arrived and with it, spring product. As you create displays throughout the season, here are some important spring 2007 trends to keep in mind.

Spring has arrived and with it, spring product. As you create displays throughout the season, here are some important spring 2007 trends to keep in mind:

1. Yellow is the big, happy, can’t-be-ignored color of the season for men and women. If it needs to be tempered, pair a bright yellow piece with neutrals such as pale gray, white, tans or coppers.

2. Neutrals are a staple. Outfits created from varying shades of white -- from oatmeal to wheat to pure white -- are important. Similarly, grays are key. Keep your focus more on the lighter side of the gray scale and add a touch of charcoal or black for grounding.

3. Spring 2007 is a season of bright pop colors. Although you can do full bright outfits, for our industry it’s best to create a neutral-based look and punch it up with saturated color. Fuchsia is great for women. Orange, sherbet, mango and red are all fiery, fruit-influenced colors applicable to both men and women. There are a range of blues from aqua and teal (especially important for men) to royal blue and navy to play with. If a blue is fairly safe, highlight it with a yellow (or yellow-green) or orange.

4. Prints are becoming ever more popular as all-over designs, linings, trims or accents. Call attention to a display by adding an attention-grabbing print. Key bold prints include large scale graphics and text prints often in high contrast colors. Subtler choices would be dots, retro stripes, botanical silhouettes and sweet florals. Feel free to mix prints as long as there is some commonality such as similar color usage.

5. Unique textures and finishes add interest and draw in customers. Showcase outfits and pieces with sheen or a metallic feel.

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