ITW Nexus' latest cord end closure has an enhanced shape and wedge locking mechanism that creates a loop for easy finger location and greater pull strength.

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ITW Nexus' newest zipcord closure offers both an ergonomic design and locking wedge mechanics. The locking wedge mechanics supply superior strength as well as creating a looped fingerwell for the users convenience. The Aerohead line also includes the Nexgrip soft-touch Aerohead and the NiteShade Aerohead which glows in the dark.


The innovative Toaster and Ellipse Cordlocs boast a patented hole alignment feature, which eliminates the process of manually compressing the closure to thread the cord. (Toaster shown)

Once the cord is easily threaded through the pre aligned holes, a simple squeeze permanently unlocks the alignment mechanism and engages the stainless steel spring to grip any cord. This provides manufacturers with a simplified Cordloc attachment method. The Toaster provides the more