Iron Grip marks big 1-0 at IHRSA 2003

Celebrating the company's unveiling of its grip plate at its first IHRSA event in 1993, Iron Grip has created a special "X" logo and will be raffling an Xbox game console each day.

Celebrating the company's unveiling of its grip plate at its first IHRSA event in 1993, Iron Grip has created a special "X" logo and will be raffling an Xbox game console each day (just for fun because of the Roman numeral X -- for 10 -- in the name, we're told).

On a more serious note, the company is also launching a CD-based program that will help its customers determine the correct amount of free weight needed to outfit a line of plate-loaded machines -- with participation already inked from vendors such as Life Fitness, Cybex, Nautilus, Hoist, Flex, Strive and Bodymaster.

"The IHRSA show always generates so much energy; it's the perfect venue to kick off our anniversary year. At the show, and throughout 2003, we'll be celebrating a number of company milestones and taking the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation for the customers who have supported our growth," said Michael Rojas, Iron Grip's co-founder and president.

The company will do booth demos of the new CD-based program for determining plate needs. A first in the industry, the program will allow Iron Grip customers to simply plug in how many of what machines they are buying, among other information, then be given recommendations for the amount of weight and which sizes of plates are needed. In addition, the company will have demonstrations of the Strong Program for group strength training and offer body-fat testing to emphasize the benefits of strength training.

"Even though we're proud of our 10 years of accomplishment, we have a strong commitment to the next 10 years and beyond," said Scott Frasco, co-founder and CFO, "and we will continue to develop creative new designs, more advanced production methods, and more innovative products to fulfill our customers' needs."


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