Increases the effectiveness of the insulation in damp conditions.

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* Increases the effectiveness of the insulation in damp conditions. Makes down less susceptible to humidity. Wash-in treatment that reduces the water-absorbency of down and adds water-repellency to the outer shell. Helps down dry faster. Lasts several washings.
* Available in 10 oz., 33.8 oz. and 169 oz. size bottles.

Use a front-loading washing machine. Only treat clean garments and sleeping bags. Pre-wash in Nikwax Down Wash. If proofing after washing, leave clean wet garment/sleeping bag in machine. Shake bottle well before use. Use settings per chart below. 1-2 garments/1 bag - 10 oz. norm cycle Add Down Proof directly into the drum. It is not recommended to use dispensers due to detergent build-up and/or residue, which could adversely affect the down garment, stripping precious natural oils that promote loftness.
Run machine full cycle including rinses on slow spin setting. Tumble dry on heat setting recommended on garment/bag care tag. Add a couple of clean tennis balls in with garment/bag and dry until all clumps disappear. Air for 24 hours before storing.


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