Ibex Woolies Crew and Energy Tight Review

SNEWS wear testers beat up the Ibex Woolies 150 Crew baselayer top and the Energy Tights.

Winter gives the SNEWS wear testers a chance to really see what the gear we receive in the mail is made of. Lately, we’ve been getting tons of use out of two Ibex products: the Woolies 150 Crew baselayer and the Energy Tights.

We love winter. We just love it. All our favorite activities take place in the winter from snowshoeing to snowboarding to winter running to winter hiking. The reason we love winter so much? Layers. Honestly our wear testers feel that it’s easier to stay comfortable in cold weather than in warm weather because you can shed layers when you overheat, whereas in the summer you don’t have that same flexibility.

We have received tons of baselayers and the Woolies 150 has slowly become one of the most valuable players in our baselayer wardrobe for several reasons. First of all, it’s lightweight, comfortable and not itchy in any way thanks to Ibex’s trademark New Zealand merino wool. It’s flattering so even if we wear it with a pair of jeans we don’t have to hide any of our natural beauty. Last, its seams are on the outside of the garment leading us to never get chafed, even if we’re wearing a hydration pack.

This baselayer has been worn on numerous cold-weather runs and on the slopes during hours and hours of snowboarding. In all the time it’s spent with our wear testers, it only failed them one time. It was a cold day in Wolf Creek. We’d been boarding for nearly five hours. We were soaking wet underneath all our layers and just hopped on the lift for a run. The ride up the lift was particularly heinous. It doesn’t seem to dry that fast compared to some of our synthetic baselayers.

Now to address the Energy Tight. These tights are extremely warm so we recommend you tell your customers not to mess around with them when it’s not that cold out. Colorado, where our wear testers are located, has been particularly cold this season and the Energy Tight has helped keep their calves, thighs and butts warm from the assaulting below-freezing temperatures during double-digit runs and hours on the slopes.

Since some of us are beginning snowboarders we spent a lot of time falling, but while our hands were frozen and we couldn’t feel our toes anymore, our legs never felt warmer. Having the Energy Tight underneath our ski pants kept our lower body warm.

Our favorite feature of this piece was the wide waistband. Unlike other tights or baselayer pants, this one didn't dig into our stomachs or back in any way. 

One recommendation we would have with the Energy Tight is to have a bit more support around the butt area, like perhaps some sort of Lycra or Spandex mixed in there to help keep the wiggle from joining us on a run. We also don’t know how to remedy the zipper problem: Every pair of tights we test, including the Energy Tights, have zippers that creep up our ankles and chafe the area where they end up landing. Though it wasn’t as annoying with the Energy Tights because the zippers are on the sides of the ankles versus the back, it was still an issue.

MSRP: Ibex Woolies 150 Baselayer (MSRP $80); Ibex Energy Tight (MSRP $135).

SNEWS® Rating:
Woolies 150 Crew: 5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection.)

Energy Tight: 4 hands clapping



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