How to Sell: Insulated Bottles and Food Containers

With many outdoor adventures getting shortened in today’s fast-paced world, food and drink prep for a trip is shifting to the home kitchen.

With many outdoor adventures getting shortened in today’s fast-paced world, food and drink prep for a trip is shifting to the home kitchen. To that end, insulated bottles, mugs and food containers are on the rise at outdoor specialty retail, with a larger variety of products for different situations and environments available.


Read this SNEWS Retail College to help consumers find the right solutions to keep their pre-prepared nourishments hot or cold until they’re ready to break for a meal. Click here or on the cover to download the FREE digital tablet-friendly version, of which a printed version was mailed to more than 1,000 specialty retail shops in August. The chapter is one in a series of special Retail College How To Sell issues the SNEWS team produces.

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