How not to stop on in-line skates

Mountain Hardwear rep Chris Lathrop is on-the-mend following a skillful (you decide) demonstration recently on how not to fall on in-line skates in front of his kids.

Mountain Hardwear rep Chris Lathrop is on-the-mend following a skillful (you decide) demonstration recently on how not to fall on in-line skates in front of his kids. Lathrop told SNEWS®, he was on blades in front of his house performing a tight left-hand turn around a cul-de-sac while performing a crossover move when his right foot -- the one with all the weight on it -- caught a pebble. "I tried to tuck and roll and lead with my arm," Lathrop said. Unfortunately, he picked this day not to wear his wrist guards -- hello, triple fracture to his wrist. If that isn't ouch enough, there's more. His hip hit exactly on the edge of the asphalt road, and he won a fracture there, too. That leaves Lathrop the proud owner of three titanium pins and doctor's orders to stay off his feet for at least two months. SNEWS® View: First, we must convey a very sincere and heartfelt "OWWWWWWW" to Chris. Second, we can only assume that this lesson on the importance of wearing protective gear is now indelibly sealed in the minds of his kids. Third, our hat of respect is tipped in the direction of fellow rep Ray Ferrand who, upon hearing of Chris' situation, immediately volunteered to attend the EORA (Eastern Outdoor Reps Association) Northeast trade show this week in Chris' stead. Class act all the way! Finally, we have recommended that in the future, Chris establish a more glamorous story -- something along the lines that he was hurt while hurling himself in front of an oncoming semi to save his kids. Yeah, that's good. (We even offered to write the tale for him.)



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