HERD in the aisles – Day 2 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007

Previously published in the OR Daily, we bring you more musings from the SNEWS® Herd from Day 2 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007 for your eye-rolling and momentary "wow" pleasure...

Previously published in the OR Daily, we bring you more musings from the SNEWS® Herd from Day 2 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007 for your eye-rolling and momentary "wow" pleasure.

>> Driving from the East Bay in California with a truck full of samples for the Clif Bar booth, Patrick Kelly stopped over for a night at Lake Tahoe's North Shore to visit a friend. Paw prints and slobber all over the back of the truck told Kelly that his morning departure was going to take on a slightly adventurous turn. Upon investigation, Kelly determined that a bear had managed to get access to the truck, and consumed all 240 sample packets of the new pink grapefruit Luna Splash electrolyte drink. No other Clif Bar products were sampled. The Clif team is currently scrambling to manufacture additional samples, wondering if they might have a tasty hit on its hands. Meanwhile, there's a bear in Lake Tahoe wandering around in a sugar-induced daze with pink stains on its lips and paws looking for another hit of what might now be called pixie sticks for bears.

>> In the "what were they thinking" category, we have Adventure Medical Kits' new line of survival gear, dubbed S.O.L. – for, the company says, survive outdoors longer. Maybe we're missing something here, but if we're seeking gear for survival, we're not sure we're going to want to be using something that's associated with Sh*t Out of Luck. After all, does this mean that the waterproof matches and tinder for building an emergency fire won't work because you are supposed to be S.O.L.? And forget about using the survival fishing kit because if you're S.O.L., you're either not catching anything, or whatever you do catch will see you as food, and not the other way around. Reminds us of another company that nearly went to market with an adventure racing pack called, yes, Booty Pack. Fortunately, saner heads than the marketing department, who were yucking it up all the way to the presentation, prevailed, and the name never saw the light of day.

>> If anyone is wondering where Brad Werntz, owner of the rep firm Pemba Serves, is, he's at home recuperating. Werntz has been training for an Ironman distance triathlon in his home base of Madison, Wisconsin this fall. While he was on a training ride near town and going full speed down on his aero-bars flying downhill he was hit head on at high speed by a car coming uphill and thrown into another oncoming vehicle. Police estimate both Werntz and the car he initially hit were going in excess of 30 mph. Though both cars Werntz hit suffered significant damage, and Werntz's bike was totaled, Werntz thankfully survived and received no significant injuries. Werntz emailed us the following, "I remember thinking, 'this is going to be bad,' and then I woke up wedged underneath another car, an SUV! I’m honestly thankful for each of my many small injuries, because it could’ve been so much worse. I’m just very grateful to be here writing to you, now." Wertz suffered numerous small injuries that – taken together – leave him pretty beat up, including stitches, bruises, scrapes, sprains, and minor breaks. Word has it he looks as though he went a few rounds in a cage-match with someone named Bruiser. Given the news about Werntz and then Emotion Kayak's owner Tom Strauss taking a nasty header on his mountain bike, SNEWS® is staying off our bikes for the duration of the remaining trade show season.

>> Speaking of bikes, if some of the reps, managers or executives at Timberland, Mion and SmartWool seem a little tired, or perhaps are walking around a bit funny, crack them a break. A pack of 21 rode 365 miles from Steamboat Springs, Colo., to get here, taking four days for the trip to Salt Lake City on freeways and back roads, staying in no-tell motels and eating at restaurants who offered a choice of rare, medium or well done on the menu and little else. The last full day, Monday, was "brutal," said Timberland OP President Gary Smith, who dreamed up the venture. The group rode 118 miles with 7,000 feet of elevation gain in temperatures that reached 102 degrees – some rolled into Park City Monday night as much as 14 hours after they started. The 35-mile jaunt into Salt Lake from Park City was like the last day of the Tour de France on the Champs d'Elysses – sans champagne however. As far as we know, not one rider has tested positive for any performance enhancing drugs.

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