Health Notes: Exercise curbs nicotine cravings; 30 minutes a day better than an hour for weight loss

SNEWS brings you the results of two studies that might be pertinent to your business. The first of which concluded that exercise could help ward off cravings for a cigarette; and another that concluded 30 minutes of exercise a day more effective for weight loss than an hour.

You want the latest information about health, physical activity, exercise and wellness, but perhaps you'd rather not wade through the techno-science garble that makes most reports hard to read, let alone understand or pass on to customers. In SNEWS Health Notes, an occasional series, we take a look at recent research that is pertinent to your business and explain it in a way that makes sense. If you have suggestions or comments, let us know by emailing

>>Exercise curbs nicotine cravings

There is a chance that many of the people who walk through your doors, and even those who haven’t yet, are battling an addiction with smoking, as the most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate more than 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes.

So here’s another piece of information that might help you sell to the portion of that population trying to quit smoking: Exercise curbs nicotine cravings. This information comes from an August 2012 issue of the journal Addiction. Though the study, which analyzed 19 previous clinical trials, found that exercise lessons the itch to smoke a cigarette, it didn’t directly tie it to the success of people quitting.

Plus, the study’s researchers say exercise helps people feel better about themselves, leading them to want to do more things to better their health, such as more exercise and less poisoning their bodies.

>>So what? A lot of people are trying to quit smoking and willing to do anything to accomplish that. Perhaps you can work this information into your sales pitch to persuade soon-to-be nonsmokers to purchase something.

>>For the scientifically minded: For the issue of Addiction where this article is published, click here. For another article from Psych Central, click here.

>>Studies show 30-minute exercise just as effective as an hour for weight loss

People are always looking for a deal. That’s why there are tents pitched during the evening of Thanksgiving to get the door-buster deals of Black Friday.

So here’s a deal to tell your customers about: A recent study shows that just 30 minutes of exercise a day can be as effective as an hour a day when it comes to losing weight according to a new study out of Denmark.

The study, recently published in the American Journal of Physiology, found among the 60 men they studied, that the men who engaged in just 30 minutes of exercise a day lost more weight (7.9 pounds) than the ones who did an hour (6 pounds) and in both cases, their body fat remained the same.

>>So what? Everybody wants more for less, and this is just another way to give your customers more for less. Tell them the machine they’re about to buy only needs to be used for 30 minutes a day to yield better results.

>>For the scientifically minded: Find the free abstract here. Find the full text for a fee here.