Health & Fitness Business Show '07: Wellness Revolution author Paul Zane Pilzer to be keynote speaker, SNEWS® partners for 3rd year

Health & Fitness Business show management has announced that Paul Zane Pilzer, the dynamic futurist and author of "The Wellness Revolution," will be the keynote speaker at the 2007 show, Aug. 2-4, in Denver.

Health & Fitness Business show management has announced that Paul Zane Pilzer, the dynamic futurist and author of "The Wellness Revolution," will be the keynote speaker at the 2007 show, Aug. 2-4, in Denver.

In addition, SNEWS® will again partner with the show to organize an educational panel discussion on the first morning, as well as other show floor treats and pre-show news to keep readers informed.

Wellness Revolution
Pilzer is a globally recognized economist, software entrepreneur who founded and sold businesses in his 20s (and made millions, we might add), and set age records as the youngest professor at New York University at age 24 and Citibank's youngest officer at age 22. His book, "The Wellness Revolution," which was first released in 2002, has struck a chord around the world, partly because Pilzer was a businessman first and not some fitness or exercise guru.

"As the country moves toward wellness and prevention, this is a pressing topic for our industry," said Health & Fitness Business marketing director Richard Kelly. "His message is apropos."

Pilzer calls the emerging wellness industry "the next trillion dollar industry" and has the insights and credentials for the world to take him seriously. His book -- now called "The New Wellness Revolution" -- is an insightful read, but also is a bit of a workbook, with Pilzer giving "action plans" for entrepreneurs after each chapter to do more than just provoke thought but to get readers to take steps. This from a man who initially authored New York Times bestsellers, "God Wants You to be Rich," and "Unlimited Wealth."

Known as a dynamic speaker (and quite a fit guy to boot), Pilzer will kick off the show in a way no other can with a big-picture presentation that affects the future of the fitness industry. His exact presentation is still being finalized, but he expects to provide guidance for entrepreneurs, discuss new trends in wellness, and give timely coverage of the state of the industry and "lucrative possibilities."

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SNEWS® education partnership continues

In its third year, SNEWS® will once again be the show's official media sponsor, working with show management to provide a workshop and other energizing additions.

"We are very pleased to have SNEWS® returning as HFB's official media partner for 2007," Kelly said. "The passion that they have for the industry is contagious, and their experience in covering fitness news is unparalleled. They fully understand the fitness industry as well as our event."

As the SNEWS® team has done in the last two years, we will again organize an educational panel discussion on the first morning following Pilzer's talk. Look again to SNEWS® (and its sister publications GearTrends® and eFitBiz) to help you keep thinking about better ways to do business. Upcoming update stories will give details of the topic and participants, so stay tuned!

The Health & Fitness Business show also will have a show floor "Communication Central" area -- a large multi-booth core of the show -- where SNEWS® and GearTrends® will present themselves and an area that show management expected to be a "dynamic new feature" of the show. In addition, SNEWS® live podcasts are set to take place there and it is where the show cyber café will be, where maps and chairs will be available, and where anyone can come hang out with us and show management, sip a bit of coffee, gather their energy, swap info and laughs, or get show information.

"SNEWS® and GearTrends® have become the de facto energy and information source of the show, so having a more official area where we can all hang out only makes sense," said SNEWS® editor-in-chief Therese Iknoian. "We look forward to again having our little playground of balance boards, stability balls for chairs and bistro tables where folks can come rest their dogs if they want or where they can find their way if they are lost. The benefit this year will, of course, be that it'll be a central area that is easy to reach and not off in a back corner."

We'll keep you posted with regular stories about show details, workshop presenters, special seminars, show hours and exhibitors. Per usual, they will also be filed at under our Trade Show News area, under Health & Fitness Business. Meanwhile, you can check in at where show information and maps will soon be posted.

Comments? Info?
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