Health & Fitness Business ’10: SNEWS Product Zone has details on the newest gear

Check out new products at the 2010 Health & Fitness Business Expo in the new, digital SNEWS Product Zone.

Get a jump on new equipment not to miss at the Health & Fitness Business Expo with the SNEWS Product Zone preview in hand.

Featured products in the SNEWS HFB Product Zone are from: Accufitness, Body-Solid, Diamondback Fitness, Fitness Master, PaceMaster, Spirit Fitness, SportsArt Fitness, SPRI Products and Vision Fitness. 

With its digital format, you can zoom in and out to check product details, and click directly to the company’s website or the contact’s email. Here’s a cool bit of convenience: You can click on the company’s booth number and go directly to its information page on the HFB show’s website and access the map showing its position on the show floor!

Take a look at the 2010 SNEWS HFB Product Zone for the best of the best.



SNEWS Fitness magazine 2008 Product Zone

SNEWS® Product Zone -- Featuring products listed in the SNEWS 2008 Fitness magazine from Accufitness, Afterburner Fitness, Grip Pro Trainer, Iron Grip, Lube-n-Walk, Natural Fitness, Octane Fitness, SportsArt, Spri, Valeo, Volume Fitness and Yoga Stick-e Socks. more