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Goodbye to a good soul -- Jake Jacobe is at peace

After a tough battle with Parkinson's disease plus Lewy Body Dementia, Jake Jacobe is finally at peace.

After a tough battle with Parkinson's disease plus Lewy Body Dementia, Jake Jacobe is finally at peace. He died in the early morning hours of July 3 with his wife Barb at his side. We were told that he waited until his family said their goodbyes and then took his last breath. According to an email from Barb, Jacobe did not suffer. The memorial service was held on July 16 at the Forest Grove Church in Oil City, Pa.

Industry veterans will remember Jacobe as the much-beloved and longtime manager at Appalachian Trail Outfitters in New Jersey (no longer in business). He was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1996 and retired from managing the store that same year. Barb took over running ATO so he could focus on his health, until she too retired in 1999.

The couple sold their home in Lambertville, N.J., and purchased a house in Oil City, Pa., to be close to their daughter, granddaughters and great-grandchildren.

SNEWS® received numerous emails from EORA reps and other friends of Jacobe's, and all had the same tone, recognizing a great man for his humility, sense of fair play, quick wit and dry humor, and steady temperament (even when storms were raging around). Jacobe was quick to offer up encouragement, slow to criticize, and treated everyone with the same kindness.
We were told in one email that, "Every rep, sales manager, dealer services rep and company executive from the past several decades will remember Jake and Barb as their favorite outdoor couple."

This industry needs more like Jacobe. He will be missed.


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