Friend or Foe -- Will help or hurt the outdoor industry?

Three years ago, when Rich Hill was vice president of sales at Patagonia, he wanted nothing to do with Amazon. The online mega-retailer would send bright-eyed representatives to pitch him at the Patagonia booth during the Outdoor Retailer trade shows. These were not your typical outdoor industry sales reps. They were kids who knew more about Silicon Valley than the Yosemite Valley, and as far as an industry vet and brand-savvy player like Hill was concerned, they had no future in the quickly evolving landscape of the outdoors and of online retail. Furthermore, the overriding image of Amazon in the outdoor industry was one that was no better than a virtual flea market. It had no place in the specialty retail sweet-spot where techie outdoor gear garners high margins and loyal customers. How times change....


Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '06: A matter of choice…. Hurt the planet or help it

We have the choice to make. We can hurt the planet or we can help it. That was the message Ray Anderson, chairman of carpet manufacturer Interface, kept coming back to as he addressed a crowd of almost 500 people at the Outdoor Industry Association's industry breakfast that more

Helping out an industry friend in need

On Oct. 3, Marilyn Cieszykowski, partner of Osprey Packs' marketing director Gareth Martins, was seriously injured during a bicycle crash in the highlands of Ecuador. A remarkable coordinated effort was made to medical air evacuate Cieszykowski to Denver University Hospital to more

Outdoor and Fitness: Working Together, Our Industries Will Grow

Last October, SNEWS took the rather bold step of suggesting that the fitness and outdoor industries could learn a lot from each other, should work together and, in fact, in many ways were already co-mingling, albeit still "holding hands in the dark" for fear someone would see more


Truth hurts

If you have worked in the retail industry long enough you will inevitably come across the customer without any spacial boundaries. “Does my butt look good in these,” speaking of tight yoga pants. “Can you see my panty line?” I replied with, “The fitting room has a nice three more

Man stands at a counter in a bike shop with an order in his greasy hands. Bike parts lie on the counter beside him.

Are pro-deals helping or hurting the outdoor industry?

“I’m not paying full price for that—I can get it on pro-deal.” If you’ve been in, or adjacent to, the outdoor industry long enough, odds are you’ve heard a friend say this. Or you’ve heard a retailer complain about a customer who came in for a boot fitting, chatted for an hour more

Will Chinese factory electricity woes affect the outdoor industry?

News reports on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, WSJ and more have been drawing attention to a growing problem in China that may or may not have an affect on the outdoor industry as best as SNEWS® can tell. Apparently, with the enormous and rapid expansion of the Chinese population and more


Seeking a better down for the outdoor industry

Throughout the next month, SNEWS will recap its coverage of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 with select stories from the O.R. Daily we published at the show Aug. 2-5. It’s an opportunity for you to catch up on stories you might have missed in O.R.D., and for us to update and more


SNEWS Reader Poll: Do pro deal programs help or hurt business?

Everyone loves a pro deal, right? Well, not so fast. In a recent Reader Poll, SNEWS® asked whether or not pro deals help or hurt business for retailers. And, we also wondered about abuse. Boy, did we hit a nerve as the response was overwhelming. Interestingly, a significant more


The SNEWS View: Beautiful People website says 'no' to ugly…and that hurts

More than 1.8 million people received confirmation within weeks of a new website launching that they are, in fact, ugly. The bearer of the bad news was, an international dating site whose members must qualify as being sufficiently attractive, according to a PR more