Fitness Reads: Is Piloxing the new Zumba? Does weight-loss surgery trump diet and exercise?

Check out why new hybrid exercise might be the next Zumba and why weight-loss surgery trumps diet and exercise alone to beat obesity.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • Sometimes it’s not because you’re stuffing your face with Oreos and candy that you’re not seeing weight-loss results. Sometimes there are reasons beyond what you put in your mouth and what activity you do to work it off. Check out this story about what those reasons are, including working out with no goals and flapping your yap when you should be squeezing in more sets.
  • We love the show "Myth Busters," so naturally we love articles that bust myths and excuses in one swoop. This post’s author goes into her own personal relationship with exercise and why it’s great to fight off the effects of gravity. She goes through common excuses one by one and busts them, but in an encouraging way that might motivate folks who use these excuses.
  • So parents, if you tell your kids they can’t run around outside because they have to do their homework, you might want to think again. Turns out, if you let them go outside and run around for an hour, they might come inside and kick that homework’s butt. According to this story, kids who performed vigorous exercise daily did better in school.
  • Speaking of kids and exercise, according to this Mercury News story only about one-third of students in California grades 5 through 7 met fitness goals in 2012. The fitness goals measure six areas: aerobic capacity, abdominal strength, upper body strength, trunk strength, flexibility and body fat composition.
  • A marathon is no walk in the park, but it's also not an impossible feat. If we could do it, anybody can. If your customers are looking for some motivation to run a marathon and think they can’t do it, have them check out this story that features a bunch of people who ran marathons while doing wacky things like dribbling basketballs or knitting the whole way.
  • Instead of treating a patient based on only their symptoms, doctors should evaluate patients’ exercise habits too, according to this Science Daily story. Just as much as eating unhealthy foods is a cardiovascular disease risk, so is not exercising.
  • Good news fitness retailers, housework is no longer considered exercise, according to this Atlanta CBS affiliate story. So all those folks who claim their fitness routine includes housework might now have to buy some at-home equipment to use between chores.
  • So it turns out weight-loss surgery is better to beat obesity than diet and exercise alone, according to this Bloomberg story. The story reports that surgeries like gastric banding, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy led to a higher average weight loss after two years than non-surgical treatment.
  • Exercise is great for a lot of feel-good applications, but this Desert News story said it’s good especially for battling post-baby blues. This author talks about the challenges of having a baby — how they lead to physical and emotional exhaustion — and how simple exercise can help infuse some energy and happiness into a new mom’s day.
  • We all know just how big Zumba got and still is. We first heard about a little thing called Piloxing at IHRSA 2013 — the exercise class that combines boxing and Pilates. Is this new hybrid the new Zumba? This Daily Mail story said it just might be.

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