Fitness Reads: Diana Nyad inspires older folks to get moving, Leisure Fitness to ElliptiGO for MS

See how Diana Nyad is inspiring older people to get more active and make plans to ElliptiGO with Leisure Fitness folks.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • You are NEVER too old to make your dreams come true – especially your fitness dreams. That’s the message Swimmer Diana Nyad, 64, gave right after becoming the first person to successfully swim the 110-miles from Cuba to the Florida coast. Many older Americans saw Nyad’s feat as an inspiration to get up and moving, according to this story.
  • Speaking of getting older Americans trim and fit, check out this Star Press feature story on the Adult Physical Fitness Program at Ball State University. The 40-year-old program was founded to help people in the community understand the importance of maintaining an exercise regimen to keep healthy into old age. The center teaches adults to make healthy physical and nutritional choices throughout the day.
  • Philadelphia retailers: Items that have anything to do with Cross Fit, obstacle races, stationary cycling or dance fusion classes might be hot sellers this fall. This story said these are some of the top fitness trends for 2013. The reason many of these have become so popular this year is because your customers are looking to get fit but might be bored with their regular routines.
  • There is nothing worse than being on a trip, wanting to get your fitness on and being dealt a horrible fitness center in your hotel. So which hotels have the best have the fitness centers? USA Today has the answer in this story. Among them are Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Westin Hotels and Resorts. Check out the story to find out what makes them so great.
  • More than 25 million Americans are diabetic, according to this story, and just a bit of moderate exercise per day could help them ward off the disease that causes blindness, kidney failure and non-accident related amputations. Exercise is one of the main prescriptions doctors give to diabetic patients and it seems the best place to pick up that prescription would be at a local fitness retailer.
  • Ah sleep. It’s required to be amazing at everything from general living and happiness to sports and fitness performance. But it’s elusive to many of us – hiding in the shadows we are forced to witness as we lay awake at night. Is it the foods we’re eating or not eating? It could be. Check out this Fitness Magazine article about the best and worst foods for sleep. Tonight, we’re pouring ourselves a heaping bowl of Cheerios before bedtime.
  • We’ve brought to you countless Reads about how exercise makes your brain function better, wards of deadly diseases, generally makes life pretty much awesome. Some work places, like the city offices in San Francisco, are trying to incorporate exercise into the work schedule to motivate workers to be more productive according to this story. From the story it seems like they’re using equipment like inexpensive hula hoops but we think they might need to upgrade to a weighted hula hoop or five. That's where you come in.
  • Here we go again: More fitness myth busters. This story is right: Fitness myths and their subsequent busters are as pesky as mosquitoes but we need to keep up with them. This time the myths busted include being able to spot reduce fat (never going to happen) and cardio burns the most calories (not necessarily true).
  • First obesity was deadlier than we once thought, now, according to this story, it has more causes than we know. The return of the Twinkie isn’t the only thing threatening trim waistlines every where, rather it’s viruses and both genetic and environmental factors that could lead to excess body fat.
  • Leisure Fitness, the fitness specialty retail chain, is supporting Bike MS: Bike to the Bay on Sept. 21, 2013. Paul Bastianelli, CEO, is inviting all ElliptiGO owners in the bay area to meet up the day of the ride for a day of ElliptiGOing and making new friends, all while raising funds for a worthy cause. Check out this story for more information.

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