Fitness reader survey: Last call! How do you want your SNEWS? Tell us now.

Last call! We want brutal honesty in this opinion survey, so don’t miss your chance to tell us how you want your SNEWS. We can find out more about your SNEWS preferences, to better meet your needs. Take 5 minutes between customers -- only 10 questions required.

The first fitness-reader-exclusive SNEWS poll has launched and we don’t want you to miss out. How do you want your SNEWS? Tell us what you think, want, like or dislike – yes, total, brutal honesty demanded.

Take this short survey now so we can find out more about your preferences. We’ll be shutting it down Dec. 2.

We want to know what you read, how you read it, when you read it, what you prefer and just about anything else you want to tell us.

The survey is short -- 10 required questions among 20 (we hope you’ll choose to do all 20, of course) -- and many of them are multiple choice or ask for only a word or two to be filled in.

Naturally, the more you tell us, the better we’ll know what you want -- so feel free to get wordy.

Take 5. It’s really about all you should need. Just click here to get started or cut-and-paste this link into your browser --

The deadline is Dec. 2, so let us hear what you think to help us make SNEWS exactly what you need.

Note: We do NOT require you to tell us who you are; plus, we’d love you to share the survey with anybody you know who has read SNEWS even occasionally. You do NOT have to be a current subscriber to take it -- or ever a subscriber for that matter!

--SNEWS® Editors