Fitness reader 2011 favorite stories: Subscriber clicks picked ‘em. Were your favorites there?

As the clock begins on yet another year, SNEWS® thought we'd all enjoy a look back at what you, our fitness readers, found to be the ten most compelling stories of 2011 -- the ones you clicked to read in the highest numbers.

As the clock begins on yet another year, SNEWS® thought we'd all enjoy a look back at what you, our readers, found to be the ten most compelling stories of 2011 -- the ones you clicked to read in the highest numbers. Some of the results may surprise you -- they did us. We do wish to say that having two “in memoriam” stories making our top ten is two too many for us. We hope the trend of writing so many obits for friends slows down in 2012.

These are overall reader favorites by black-and-white numbers according to Google Analytics and our own tracking reports, but are your favorite reads on the top 10 list? If not, use our "Chat" function at the end of this report to let us and your colleagues know which stories moved, inspired or simply had you talking the most in 2011.

And, heck, maybe you missed a couple! Now’s the time to catch-up; just click the link (as an All Access Subscriber) to get shot directly to the story.

1. In memoriam: HealthStyles manager Gregg Theander never lost passion for fitness, family

(Aug. 9, 2011; By Therese Iknoian) Gregg Theander, who was discovered Aug. 8 stabbed to death in his home, was like a brother to Dave Sheriff, co-owner of HealthStyles Exercise Equipment where Theander was a regional manager and partner. Theander had worked for the Colorado fitness retail chain for 18 years, and the two had worked together at a fitness club prior to that.

2. SNEWS welcomes Megan Mulligan as new editor in chief; bids adieu to Therese Iknoian

(December 12, 2012; By SNEWS Editors) On Jan. 2, 2012, Megan Mulligan will become editor in chief of SNEWS®. Mulligan will replace Therese Iknoian who is stepping away from SNEWS after more than a decade of editorial leadership. Iknoian’s last day at SNEWS is Dec. 31, 2011.

3. Overweight Americans aren’t shedding pounds, recent poll finds

(May 27, 2011; By Therese Iknoian) Nearly eight of 10 U.S. adults are still overweight while about half that – or nearly four of 10 – are considered obese. We have the study's details.

4. Did you hear?...Boom predicted in fitness wearable wireless devices

(June 20, 2011; By David Clucas) A research group predicts during the next five years consumers will flock to wearable wireless devices that track their fitness, sports and wellness activities.

5. Long-awaited FDA sunscreen guidelines shouldn’t affect many industry players

(June 20, 2011; By Therese Iknoian) After 33 years of dilly-dallying over regulations, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s new sunscreen guidelines shouldn’t have a huge effect on many of the industry’s major players. We take a quick look at the new guidelines, which come a year after SNEWS’ multi-part investigation into the misleading and confusing world of sunscreens.

6. Surveys reveal interesting trends in smartphone use

(May 30, 2011; By Michael Hodgson) Mobile ads are getting noticed… but which types gain the most attention? A recent survey has some answers. Plus, half of consumers say smartphones are their life. SNEWS has the insight.

7. In memoriam: Stephen Williams a marketing pro in fitness, audio

(April 25, 2011; By SNEWS Editors) Stephen Williams a former marketing executive in the fitness industry, including posts with Cybex and Technogym, died April 13, 2011, from kidney failure and diabetes. He was 61.

8. Is ‘suspension training’ a trademark? Companies prepare to duke it out in court

(June 24, 2011; By David Clucas) The future of suspension training products is hanging on a pair of court cases this summer. SNEWS has the updates.

9. Survival of the fittest – cities that is

(June 27, 2011; By Ana Trujillo) Which is the fittest of them all? One sports medicine group says it knows which cities are the most fit and least fit. Is your business in one?

10. SNEWS Lady says so long; time to ‘repot,’ reinvent, reinvigorate

(December 21, 2011; By Therese Iknoian) After some 11 years of being the “SNEWS Lady,” Editor in Chief Therese Iknoian is bidding adieu to the nickname, the company and the era. She explains why the decision is bittersweet -- both difficult and, at the same time, easy. Therese explains her “repotting” and thanks everyone for their support.