Fitness: Movin' & Shakin' -- FHI reorg plan delayed, John Conti, World Day for Physical Activity, Lifecore, Nellie's/Fitness Select, Superior/Conte's

Two weeks ago we noted that Fitness Holdings International, parent of Omni Fitness and Busy Body Home Fitness, had requested its court-required bankruptcy reorganization plan deadline be delayed. The hearing had been set last fall for March 17, with a plan to be filed by March 2. Plus, other industry updates from John Conti, American College of Sports Medicine, Lifecore Fitness, Fitness Select, Nellie's, Superior Fitness and Conte's Bicycles and Fitness.

Two weeks ago we noted that Fitness Holdings International, parent of Omni Fitness and Busy Body Home Fitness, had requested its court-required bankruptcy reorganization plan deadline be delayed. The hearing had been set last fall for March 17, with a plan to be filed by March 2. The court agreed, based on the circumstances. (Click here to read the March 2 SNEWS brief.) The statements and plan are now due by May 5 with a hearing set for May 19. Meanwhile, another hearing will be held March 30 on further use of cash collateral. No reports so far in the court records about a hearing that had been set for March 11 to review the closure of additional stores now underway….

Long-time fitness industry member John Conti has parted ways with Bodyguard Fitness where he's been -- with a short break -- since early 2006 heading up sales in the United States. He reported to SNEWS his job had been eliminated as of March. "As we continue to see a downturn in the global economy, there are many challenges we all face. We can't predict the future and it can be very unfortunate for many," he wrote in a note to colleagues. He can be reached at 314-591-4915 or

The American College of Sports Medicine has announced a new partnership to promote "physically active citizenry" around the world, with the first step being a "World Day for Physical Activity" on April 6. The U.S.-based sports medicine group has joined with CELAFISCS (Centro de Estudos do Laboratório de Aptidão Física de São Caetano do Sul), a Brazil-based organization that encourages research, advocacy and community education for physical activity and health. The goal is to advance international health and fitness. On April 6, the groups are asking for others to consider promotion, community news and other special events to promote activity. Click here for more information….

Lifecore Fitness ( is going global. The company has signed Euro Sport in Canada to sell its new center drive ("C-Drive") ellipticals under the Euro Sport brand name. Euro will start with four models, which will be available by summer. In addition, Lifecore signed an agreement with Infiniti International as the worldwide distributor, except in North America, of the C-Drive under its own brand name. "This agreement allows us to grow our C-Drive ellipticals at a very fast pace," said president Roger Bates, "and allows the global market to understand the benefits of the C-Drive technology." The ellipticals will debut in the United States at the Health & Fitness Business show in Denver in early August. In our Feb. 4, 2009, "Movin' & Shakin,'" we noted Lifecore had gained the global license to the patent for the center drive elliptical…

Fitness Select (, which worked in buying partnership with Nellie's Fitness in Southern California, closed its doors suddenly in early March. Nellie's Torrance location had already closed, leaving long-time retailer Nellie's with three locations with the Nellie's name…. Superior Fitness has entered into a partnership with Conte's Bicycles and Fitness in Virginia to take advantage of both of their strengths: Superior sources much of the equipment and closes its Virginia stores, while Conte's maintains the stores and sales in an area it is known and respected. Win-win, it sounds like.

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