Fitness Movin’ & Shakin’: Chris Hornung, SportsArt, Horizon Fitness, John Forzani, OK Go treadmill dance, Asics, healthy places to live

The latest movers and shakers in the fitness business, including Chris Hornung and John Forzani, plus more on the OK Go treadmill dance, Asics and healthy places to live.

Pacific Cycle CEO Chris Hornung will leave the company he founded Dec. 31, 2006. In 2004, Hornung signed a three- to five-year performance-based contract with parent Dorel when that company acquired Pacific. Pacific has a sub-brand of home fitness equipment called Powerlite that, per the website, “features high quality fitness equipment sold at affordable prices.”… SportsArt and national sales manager/commercial, Brian Davidson, have parted ways after approximately three years. National sales manager Ken Carpenter and senior regional sales manager Jim Philbrick will in the interim take over the division’s responsibilities as a part of a reorganization that split sales tasks into two divisions, direct and dealer, which includes retail and vertical sales by retailers….

Three hundred audience members of The Ellen DeGeneres Show received a free treadmill from Horizon Fitness. The RST5.6 treadmill was showcased on the “12 Days of Giveaways,” a holiday promotion that gives audience members free product hand-selected by Ellen DeGeneres and the show’s producers…. The Forzani Group Ltd. has announced that John Forzani will retire from his position as full-time executive chairman after the end of the current fiscal year. He will remain on the board of directors in the role of chairman. His departure comes after more than three decades after he founded the company in 1974 with one store of 1,200 square feet in Calgary, Alberta. The business has grown to a $1.3 billion company….

OK Go, the music group that grabbed our attention with their dance routine using Vision Fitness treadmills, has also nabbed the national spotlight. The group was featured in USA Today in late November (click here to see that story), which talked about the power of the web and showcased other dance-music videos in the same home-movies look – but all of the others sans fitness equipment. For more info on the group, click here to see a SNEWS® story, “SNEWS® talks to OK Go, the genius behind ‘Here It Goes Again’ treadmill dance video.... Asics has sued retailer Target and others over their claim of a trademark infringement. Asics America said in its lawsuits that shoes distributed by Target, Mossimo, Blue Marlin and Roma Atletica have stripe patterns that are too similar to Asics’ design, so Asics is charging infringement, unfair competition, trademark dilution and false advertising. The company is seeking damages and attorneys’ fees, as well as permanent injunctions….

Do you live in a healthy place? Self magazine crunched 6,000 bits of data in 40 categories to determine which of 100 large metro area offer the healthiest lifestyles for women, including eating, rates of cancer and depression. The top five healthiest places per the magazine’s December issue are: one, Honolulu, Hawaii; two, Portland, Maine; three, Nassau-Suffolk counties, N.Y.; four, Orange County, Calif.; and, five, Burlington, Vt. The unhealthiest places are: one, Detroit, Mich.; two, Cincinnati, Ohio; three, Oklahoma City, Okla.; four, Birmingham, Ala.; and, five, Indianapolis, Ind.

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Fitness: Movin' & Shakin'

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Fitness: Movin' & Shakin'

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