Fitness financials: Amer Sports notified of shareholder's increased voting rights, plus Accell Group

Amer Sports was notified of its shareholder's increased voting rights, and Accell Group announced a dividend.

Amer Sports notified of shareholder's increased voting rights

Amer Sports, parent of Precor, said it has been notified that the Danske Bank A/S Helsinki branch's ownership of its share capital and voting rights has reached one-twentieth following a share transaction on May 16.

In addition, the Danske Bank A/S Helsinki branch has announced that it holds forward market transactions, which according to the existing terms, will expire in June 2008. If realized, the market forwards will lead to Danske Bank A/S Helsinki branch ownership rights falling below one-twentieth by June 19, 2008, at the earliest.

The Danske Bank A/S Helsinki branch owns about 7 million shares of Amer Sports, equaling about 9.58 percent of the voting rights.

Amer Sports capital has more than 73 million issued shares.

Accell Group announces dividend

Accell Group, parent of Tunturi and Bremshey, offered shareholders the option to receive a dividend for the financial year 2007 either in cash or shares charged to the share premium reserve. The company's board of directors said that the number of dividend rights that entitles to two shares Accell Group of nominal EUR 0.02 (USD $0.03) has been fixed at 41.

Based on the average share price of the Accell Group share during the period from May 6-13, the stock dividend represents an added value of 2.73 percent compared with the cash dividend of EUR 1.25 (USD $1.93) per share of nominal EUR 0.02 (USD $0.03).

(Conversion of Euros into U.S. dollars is for information only, is not necessarily relative to earnings, and is based on the currency rate as of May 16.)

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