Faulkner Resigns From Arc'Teryx

Jayson Faulkner, Arc'Teryx vice president of international, is resigning effective March 28, and will be joining treetop canopy walkway company GreenHeart International as a partner to assist with business development.

Jayson Faulkner, Arc'Teryx vice president of international, is
resigning effective March 28, and will be joining treetop canopy
walkway company GreenHeart International as a partner to assist with
business development.

Faulkner, who turned in his notice to the company only 10 days ago and
notified North American reps March 11, contacted SNEWS® to let us know
he is resigning for a variety of reasons, the most important of which
he said is to add needed balance to his life.

"It has been a long hard climb over the last six years and everyone at
this company has sacrificed a lot of personal time to reach where we
are right now," said Faulkner. "I began thinking that I only skied and
ice climbed 10 days last year and did not get to spend much time with
my family. My life was not as balanced as I would like to be."

"Now, with the growth expectations internationally, it was going to be
a lot more work and time than we anticipated which meant more time away
from family and the outdoor pursuits that I love," added Faulkner.

So, when GreenHeart International (www.greenheartconservation.com)
-- a company that specializes in building treetop canopy walkways in
some of the world's most spectacular rainforests -- approached him
about joining its team, Faulkner saw an opportunity to return to what
he really loves -- being outdoors, being with family, and protecting
wild places.

"It is going to be a great
adventure and an opportunity for me to use my skills to make a
difference while being entrepreneurial, which is extremely exciting,"
said Faulkner.

Faulkner's task with GreenHeart will be to bring business acumen to an
organization that has built canopy walkways around the world since 1990
and, as a result, helped to save vital rainforests by making them more
economically viable as tourist attractions than as places to log. Up
until now, most of the funding and support for the projects has come
from conservation and non-profit organization dollars. Faulkner will
seek to gain corporate participation as well as other methods to expand
Greenheart's impact.

We also learned that Faulkner will most likely still haunt the hallways
of Arc'Teryx for the next year or two, now as a consultant for the
company assisting it with product design and other projects. Makes
sense to us since he'll now be able to get outdoors and actually use
the product.


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