eFitBiz retail ranking coming soon: Got news about your stores? Let us know

The time is again approaching for SNEWS to take a look at the state of specialty retail -- how's business, who's opened or closed stores, bought someone or been acquired, etc... -- and to compile our chart of specialty retailers by numbers and info in the eFitBiz spring issue, out in early March.

The time is again approaching for SNEWS to take a look at the state of specialty retail -- how's business, who's opened or closed stores, bought someone or been acquired, etc... -- and to compile our chart of specialty retailers by numbers and info in the eFitBiz spring issue, out in early March.

We have found that our list of stores is, well, shrinking a bit in recent years. In fact, it’s become a bit difficult to reach 25-deep with a list that includes stores that have five or more doors!

So this year, we’d like to throw the net a bit farther with an eye on possibly including more who have four or even three storefronts. So let us know what you have and why you should be included!

As usual, we’ll email many of you separately but if you have not been on our list in the past – or perhaps forget to answer our emails until we call and call and call – you can take this early-bird chance to give us a few notes about yourself, or a few thoughts about what’s been happening in your region or the fitness retail economy in general.

ANY information you choose to share that goes beyond basic black-and-white numbers and store locations is just between us – all just to help us write the most insightful story we can. And boy is there a lot to write about, don’t you think? (If you need a reminder of how much the fitness retail industry has changed in the last year, click here to see our eFitBiz spring 2008 issue and the 2007 charts.)

Here’s what we need you to answer for the list. If you click on the email to send the information to therese@snewsnet.com, the email body for your ease will have these questions in it.

Thinking only of January to December 2008 (i.e. NOT including early 2009)…

1) How many retail doors did you end the year with?

2) Did you open any? How many?

3) Did you close any? How many?

4) Did you just move any?

5) Please confirm the state/s you are now in and how that has changed.

6) Considering the current economy, how are you planning to approach 2009 in terms of sales, costs, locations and the business?

7) Do you have any plans for 2009 already in place in terms of openings or other growth or changes – or any changes you have already completed since Jan. 1, 2009?

Also, for our fact-checking, please confirm your headquarters address and your current website address. (you may also attach your V-Card or signature for that purpose.)

And, in general: any thoughts, insights, comments about the retail fitness business during 2008? Or about what you expect for '09 or have already seen? Optimism for the future? Pessimism? Remember, this is just between us.

Although we know that the numbers of stores somebody operates may not necessarily mean they are “better” or worse, it is the only way to absolutely list and rank retailers since there is no public record as to revenues or sales.



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