Dispelling Rumors: TNF and Lynn Hill -- the truth

Climbing diva Lynn Hill, the most recognized female climber in North America, is pregnant with her first child -- to which SNEWS offers genuine congrats! But don't believe the rumor mill about TNF and Hill.

Climbing diva Lynn Hill, the most recognized female climber in North America, is pregnant with her first child -- to which SNEWS offers genuine congrats! However, a rumor has been circulating that The North Face has released her from sponsorship and her role on the Climbing Team as a result of that pregnancy.

Naturally, we contacted Jill Pagliaro, the voice of TNF, who told SNEWS that, "Lynn Hill has been associated with The North Face for the past seven years, as a valued employee for the past three years and prior to that as an integral member of The North Face Athlete team. Her employment contract expired with The North Face in December 2001. Since that time, The North Face management has been in continuing negotiations with Lynn to come to a mutually satisfactory and ongoing relationship. We are greatly saddened by the spreading rumor falsely implying that The North Face ended its relationship with Lynn because of her pregnancy. The North Face did not let Lynn go; her contract expired. We congratulate Lynn on her pregnancy and hope to continue working with her in the future."


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