Did you hear?... Yakima now operating under corporate title of Watermark

Don't be confused by the new name on your invoice or emails. Beginning this month, Yakima began operating under the corporate title of Watermark.

Don't be confused by the new name on your invoice or emails. Beginning this month, Yakima began operating under the corporate title of Watermark, the corporation that purchased Yakima in August of 2001. The new consolidated Watermark entity includes Yakima, Perception, Dagger, Islander, Mainstream, Rhode Gear, Harmony, and SOSPENDERS product brands, bringing customers a new, easy way to do business in a one-stop-shopping atmosphere. The final step in the consolidation of brands and names will be in January 2003 when Watermark expects to be able to offer fully integrated operations supporting all brands, as well as improved availability and delivery with East and West coast distribution centers and extended customer service hours to support dealers and consumers on both coasts. Watermark now has two divisions -- Watermark Gear and Watermark Boat. Duncan Robins is the president of Watermark Gear, which includes brand names Yakima and Rhode Gear car racks, Yakima branded Earliest Explorers products (bike trailers, joggers and trailer bikes), Yakima branded snowshoes, Harmony paddlesports accessories, and SOSPENDERS inflatable personal flotation devices. Jim Clark is president of Watermark's Boat Division, which includes brand names Dagger, Islander, Perception and Mainstream. Both Robins and Clark report directly to John Rukavina, CEO of Watermark Inc.


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