Did you hear?... Wyoming Woolens reaches out-of-court settlement with Traverse Bay Manufacturing Inc.

Wyoming Woolens (Wyoming Wear) told us it has reached an out-of-court settlement with Traverse Bay Manufacturing, Inc.

Wyoming Woolens (Wyoming Wear) told us it has reached an out-of-court settlement with Traverse Bay Manufacturing, Inc. The settlement stipulates that Traverse Bay acknowledges the validity of Wyoming Woolens' U.S. Patent No. 5,450,630 and agrees "not to manufacture, use, sell, or offer for sale fleece socks having flatlock seams" covered by the patent. Wyoming Woolens is continuing its litigation with other companies that it believes are still in violation of that patent.


Did you hear?... Wyoming Woolens and Nordic Gear reach out of court settlement

An out of court settlement has been reached between Wyoming Woolens, and Nordic Gear of Rye, New York, whereby Nordic Gear will no longer offer or sell fleece socks with flatlock seams. The flatlock-seam construction concept is covered and protected by Wyoming Woolen's U.S. ...read more

Loki reaches settlement with O'Neill

Loki, a Grand Junction, Colo.-based manufacturer of technical outerwear for mountaineering and outdoor sports, has informed SNEWS® that it reached an amicable agreement with O'Neill, a Santa Cruz, Calif.-based manufacturer of wetsuits and clothing for the action sports markets, ...read more


Fitness: Did you hear?... Nautilus and Icon reach settlement in Crossbar suit, plus Everlast's George Horowitz, insider fitness stock trading, Matrix Fitness, Star Trac, research on exercise and depression, and more…

For Nov. 22 to Dec. 5 >> Nautilus Inc. and Icon Fitness have reached a settlement in a trademark infringement case filed in 2004 relating to Icon's Crossbar equipment. The case was filed by Nautilus after Icon changed its Crossbow name to Crossbar based on an injunction received ...read more

Did you hear?... Confluence to aquire Whetstone Inc.

Confluence Watersports announced it has reached an initial agreement to acquire Whetstone Inc, a manufacturer of carbon fiber paddles designed for touring and whitewater use. Once acquired, Whetsone paddles, until now distributed directly, will be sold only through Confluence ...read more

Nautilus, Icon settle all remaining infringement battles out-of-court

In one fell swoop, the nearly five-year legal wrangling in two courts in two states between Nautilus Inc. and Icon Health & Fitness were ended when Nautilus announced an out-of-court settlement of all outstanding intellectual property litigation. Details of the settlement were ...read more

Did you hear?... Media selling out?

Eye on the Media: Is it just us, or does it appear that even the media -- the ones who used to be counted on for neutrality -- are selling out these days? At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the Sporting Goods Business (SGB) magazine displayed a full second cover that was nothing ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

For the week of May 24-31 >> One positive about the rapid growth of Curves is that its numbers now are sneaking up on the number of McDonald's franchises in the United States. There is now one Curves for every two of the burger joints nationally, but in LaCrosse, Mich., where two ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> A motion filed March 23 by Savvier Inc. asking the court to dismiss the trademark-infringement lawsuit brought against it by Nautilus in January was denied July 30 by the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, Seattle. Nautilus had alleged in the suit that the ...read more

Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin reaches Finland

After already being sold for a few years by four dealers in Greenland, Jack Wolfskin has now reached Finland. The shop Rintamaki in Oulo, a city with a population of 100,000 in the northwest, is the newest dealer of the Wolfskin paw in its 13,000-square-foot store. ...read more