Did you hear?...Unique 'board' meetings at Folsom Lake

If you think business meetings are boring, then you haven’t tried conducting them like Patric Hillenbrand, a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in the Sacramento, Calif, area. His meetings with other local CEOs are done standing up...and they're getting fit at the same time. You’ll want to read this.
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According to a recent Bob Shallit column in the Sacramento Bee, a group of CEOs in Sacramento, Calif., are gathering, rain or shine, for a weekly board meeting -- conducted atop stand-up paddleboards on Folsom Lake.

Patric Hillenbrand, owner of a Roseville insurance company (Hillenbrand Insurance Services), and a member of the local chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (www.eonetwork.org), told Shallit he first discovered the fun and fitness to be enjoyed with stand-up paddleboards. Then, in short order, decided to invite members of his entrepreneurs’ chapter to join in.

Now, every Thurday, a group of company CEOs can be found paddling across Folsom Lake, relieving a little stress, getting in a good workout, and discussing their business challenges, opportunities and current events.

Seems Hillenbrand, 46, was a surfer in his younger days and says he has discovered SUP offers "the cool factor" of surfing without needing the waves.

The gathering, Hillenbrand said, is open to anyone as a -- and ya gotta love this pun -- “standing invitation.”

Makes us wonder at SNEWS if retailers around the country who sell stand-up paddleboards might do well to connect with local business chapters to coordinate opportunities for similar, on-the-water, board meetings.

--Michael Hodgson


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