Did you hear?... Too Much PR Hype Is A Bad Thing

In the "Too Much PR Hype Is A Bad Thing" Category, we submit the following culled from the OR Winter Market new products guide for media:

In the "Too Much PR Hype Is A Bad Thing" Category, we submit the following culled from the OR Winter Market new products guide for media:
** "It's the year of the BEANIE! Retro 'Flower Power' designs make girls happy. Textures the guy's theme; beefy & fine ribs, raised striping, cables…" SNEWS® View: Ummm, aside from tossing around politically incorrect associations, what in the heck is this about? It's just a hat, for goodness sake!
** "Watch out for Undertow, a new wave of flip-flops… Alive with fresh ideas, Undertow has taken flip-flop styling to the next level. Distinctively different, the Undertow collection is fanciful, flirtatious and bursting with color in gaily-colored cotton prints. Undertow's unique cross-toe strap, with its simplistic design, exemplifies classic felinity." SNEWS® View: Well, other than the fact that no one in our office has any idea what "classic felinity" is, we certainly have no desire at all to don footwear that's flirtatious – that's just plain weird. FYI, SNEWS® did not visit either booth. So much for hyperbola and hype)



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Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> The now very recognizable yellow ``Live Strong'' wristband produced by the Austin-Texas based Lance Armstrong Foundation that supports cancer research -- named for the six-time winner of the Tour de France -- has sold seven million bands for $1 each since May. Plans call for ...read more

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Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> According to Outdoor i, the UK trade newsletter, The North Face has partnered with the Association of German Mountain and Ski Guides (VDBS e.V). The arrangement involves supplying the instructor team as well as mountain and ski guides of the VDBS, using products from TNF's ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Horizon Fitness has announced that Robert Brooks Associates, a rep firm for sporting goods manufacturers, has signed on to represent Horizon's products. Robert Brooks Associates also reps for Knight Golf, Ebonite Bowling Equipment, Bell Sports, and Roller Derby Skates. The ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> According to the U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, online sales for the first quarter of 2004 reached $15.5 billion, a 28.1 percent increase over 2003 first-quarter sales, which were reported at $12.1 billion. Naturally, all is not glowing news, as the report ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?…

For the week of Oct. 5-11 >> Lowe Alpine's northeast rep, Mike Fisher, had his home broken into the weekend of Oct. 2-3 and several 2004 samples of apparel and packs were taken. SNEWS® was told that the alleged thieves probably knew what they were looking for, stealing product ...read more