Did you hear?... 'Tis the season for fitness on TV

Last week SNEWS® wrote about a couple of products and companies that were on MSNBC (Kettlebells) and Oprah (Life Fitness) right after the start of the holiday over-indulging season. Turns out they weren’t the only ones.
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Last week SNEWS® wrote about a couple of products and companies that were on MSNBC (Kettlebells) and Oprah (Life Fitness) right after the start of the holiday over-indulging season (Click here to see that Nov. 29 story). Turns out they weren’t the only ones.

On The Today Show on Nov. 27, fitness reporter Stephanie Oakes out in the street for the show with anchor Matt Lauer, reported on a few items they represented as "fabulous fitness gifts." Of course, the crowds were bellying up to the barricades as Oakes did pushups in the street. Unfortunately, Oakes and Lauer moved so quickly that brand names were (mostly) overlooked. The products included:

>> Kettlebells – No brand mentioned. She showed a few lunges with them, but no real kettlebell swings or otherwise signature moves.

>> Perfect Pushup – The name IS the brand so that helped this little product.

>> Lifecore Recumbent bike – She raved about it being "the smallest bike ever" at 44 inches long, but never said the name.

>> Cybex Arc Trainer – A monster sitting next to the Lifecore, but it got a brand mention: "It's a big machine, but a great machine," Oakes said, "and Cybex does it right."

>> Timex Ironman iPod watch – It comes with controls for your iPod in the watch, so you can wirelessly control your tunes while on the go, running or at the gym.

Click here to see the segment.


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