Did you hear?... Time to take a closer look at attracting Boomers

Maybe it's time for fitness and recreation industries to take a closer look at attracting Boomers too, since that aging group is all-ears.

Maybe it's time for fitness and recreation industries to take a closer look at attracting Boomers too, since that aging group is all-ears. According to a Harris Interactive poll done for Allstate Financial, 29 percent of Boomers would have taken better care of their health if they could re-plan their lives, and 21 percent would get more involved in hobbies. SNEWS® View: This is a group that will be eager to stay healthy and active in to retirement, especially considering all that they think they've missed with the work ethic they are now questioning. And since many haven't saved as much as they would have liked (39 percent say they would have saved more and spent less), simple activities outdoors that don't have high price tags will be most attractive.


Did you hear?...Boomers: potent, growing marketplace not to be ignored, even online

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The aging baby boomer crowd says it wants to remain active, adventurous and fit, and active recreation emerged as a top lifestyle trend for that group in a recent survey. The survey, done by Del Webb communities, found that especially adventurous pursuits, such as river rafting ...read more

Did you hear?… CDC study: Strength-training among Boomer women on the rise

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Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> SportsArt is now the official treadmill supplier for all new franchises for technical running retailer Fleet Feet. That means the mandate from Fleet Feet corporate headquarters will permit SportsArt to exclusively supply all new stores – five are expected this year to open – ...read more

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For the week of March 15-21 >> Another quick reminder to save the dates of Sept. 20-21 and start looking at booking your flights and hotel to Washington, D.C. The first SGMA Fly-In for Fitness is intended to gather fitness industry leaders in a setting and with an agenda focused ...read more

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>> Katina Geralis, owner and founder of specialty retail group Leisure Fitness based in Delaware, is featured in the February 2004 issue of Delaware Today magazine (www.delawaretoday.com). The story, called "A Perfect Fit," details how the University of Delaware PE major was ...read more

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For the week of May 10-16 >> If you want an interesting look into Taiwan, go to www.sports.org.tw/e/reports.asp, which is on the website of the Taiwan Sports Manufacturers Association. There you find a list of reports. From the group's 2005 yearbook is one called, "Indoor Fitness ...read more

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>> Both parties in the Nautilus vs. Icon patent infringement case are now awaiting a court ruling after the so-called pre-jury-trial Markman hearing on Sept. 14. In that hearing, the judge hears a concise summary of claims and arguments planned by each side. Although it does not ...read more

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>> Mad Dogg Athletics has recently launched a program to get new consumers into clubs and onto its Spinning bikes. The program is called "Ticket to Ride," and allows consumers to try a class for free at participating clubs when they go to www.spinning.com and download a free ...read more