Did you hear?…Thieves rob Hansen Fitness…and even take the Christmas cookies!

Though Christmas Eve has come and gone, it appears that the Grinch is still running amok. Burglars broke into Hansen Fitness Equipment, a retailer and manufacturer of fitness equipment in Fort Wayne, Ind., and stole $30,000 worth of TVs, specialized tools, computers…and, sadly, a batch of Christmas goodies.

Though Christmas Eve has come and gone, it appears that the Grinch is still running amok.

At 11:23 p.m. on Dec. 27, burglars broke into Hansen Fitness Equipment (www.hansenfitnessequipment.com), a retailer and manufacturer of fitness equipment in Fort Wayne, Ind., and stole $30,000 worth of TVs, specialized tools, computers, telephones, a 600-pound tool chest…and, sadly, a batch of Christmas goodies.

“To make light of it, the thing that probably bothered me the most is they took my Christmas cookies!” owner Dale Hansen said in a report that appeared on the website indianasnewscenter.com. “I mean I was waiting to come back from Christmas to finish them you know? They took my cookies!”

Ironically, the thieves left behind the most expensive things sitting in the 2,500-square-foot showroom -- some $250,000 worth of fitness equipment and displays. Apparently, the fitness equipment was too much of a burden to cart off. “I have a lot of heavy crap in my line. My average treadmill is 438 pounds,” Hansen told SNEWS®.

While the thieves made of with most of Hansen’s computer equipment, they did not take his server, which he said would have been a devastating loss. On the down side, he lost $10,000 of specialized tools that Hansen had acquired over many years for manufacturing and refurbishing fitness equipment.

Hansen said that the suspects have not been apprehended, but he’s confident that the police will succeed in nabbing at least some of them. Store security cameras recorded an hour and 40 minutes of the burglary and captured an image of at least one culprit’s face. “Right before they left, one guy stole a security camera and put his face right in front of it, so we have a good head shot,” Hansen told SNEWS. 

It’s unclear whether any robber was green and shaggy and wearing a scowl, but we expect that squad cars will be winding their way up Mount Crumpit any day now. They can just follow the cookie crumbs.

--Marcus Woolf


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