Did you hear?... The Travel Industry Association of America predicts very slight increase in travel this summer

The Travel Industry Association of America is predicting a very slight increase in travel this summer, but from folks taking shorter trips and staying closer to home this year.

The Travel Industry Association of America is predicting a very slight increase in travel this summer, but from folks taking shorter trips and staying closer to home this year. According to the TIA, Americans will take 233 million trips, up 2 percent from last summer. According to TIA, a trip counts if the destination is 50 miles or more from home. As would be suspected, most summer travel will be for pleasure. Seventy-six percent of summer trips will be by car, and 19 percent will be by air, down from 22 percent last summer. TIA's research is supported by a recent report from MapQuest. According to a survey conducted by MapQuest, the number of people who said they're staying closer to home for Memorial Day, instead of traveling far, has doubled -- to 44 percent. Most of these travelers now say they plan to head out for day trips of 75 miles or less. In fact, the MapQuest survey found that 94 percent of travelers would be traveling by car over Memorial Day, while only 4 percent would travel by plane.


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