Did you hear?... That's one HOT backpack!

On Nov. 13, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was evacuated after a backpack in the cargo area caught fire.
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On Nov. 13, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was evacuated after a backpack in the cargo area caught fire. According to a report published in The Union, it is theorized that when the backpack was tossed onto the conveyer belt, the impact caused some toiletries, including hairspray, which contained alcohol to leak. Then, when the backpack became caught between two larger pieces of luggage on the conveyer belt, the heat from the friction of the belt against the pack's fabric caused the alcohol to ignite. By the time the bomb squad arrived, called after baggage handlers noticed the backpack smoking, everything inside the pack was melted. No word on the brand of backpack.

SNEWS® View: Hmmmm, wonder if we will now have backpack manufacturers seeking to make heat-resistant backpacks from fire-retardant fabrics? Or will TSA now issue warnings about packing possibly flammable hairsprays in backpacks? Wonder if the airline told the poor soul immediately, or if it just quietly loaded the now extinguished backpack with melted contents onto the plane hoping the customer might not notice?


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