Did you hear?... Stranded hiker unwittingly saved by cell phone marketing manager

According to a Reuters wire report, a cell phone marketing manager unwittingly saved a stranded hiker.

According to a Reuters wire report, a cell phone marketing manager unwittingly saved a stranded hiker. The tale goes like this: A hiker is stranded in South America's Andes mountains when a blizzard begins. He reaches into his backpack for his cell phone -- only to find his prepaid minutes are up. The Colombian mountaineer slowly begins freezing to death, surviving for 24 hours with his only warmth coming from carefully measured doses of brandy. Then suddenly, at above 12,500 feet, Leonardo Diaz hears a familiar ring. Out of nowhere, a phone company solicitor is calling on his cell phone, asking if he would like to buy more time. Maria del Pilar Basto, the Bell South operator who called Leonardo subsequently called for help, and then she and other operators kept ringing Leonardo to keep him awake and help ward off hypothermia. He was able to keep talking to her until rescue teams arrived seven hours later -- with the frigid temperatures acting as natural recharger for his two cell phone batteries. SNEWS® View: OK, this is one time perhaps even we would be grateful for a sales call. We hope they didn't charge him for those seven hours of minutes.


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