Did you hear?… Sportline "Steps Across America" walkers log more than 6 million steps

It took 6,703,488 steps and 107 days for a 12-person relay team to walk from Chelsea Piers in New York to Santa Monica Pier in California as part of the Sportline "Steps Across America" program.

It took 6,703,488 steps and 107 days for a 12-person relay team to walk from Chelsea Piers in New York to Santa Monica Pier in California as part of the Sportline "Steps Across America" program (www.stepsacrossamerica.com).

Over the 3,174-mile journey, the team of eight women and four men stopped to participate in health expos dubbed "Every Day Well-Being" on their coast-to-coast route. These events included free health tips, wellness and walking information. Additionally, the walkers hosted more than 140 local "meet and greets" at schools, town halls and community centers along their route where they shared the benefits of walking as part of a fit, active lifestyle with more than 17,000 children.

The walkers worked like a relay team and traded off walking duties. Each day, one two-person team shared a single specially designed Sportline pedometer made for the trek. On average, each team member logged more than 1 million steps and walked over 500 miles. Tanya Mahoney was the top woman walker with 1,311,552 steps and 621 miles, while Doug Leland was the top male with 1,320,000 steps over 625 miles.

Even the team dog, Cabo, the Iams-sponsored golden retriever, had an official blog on the Steps Across America web site and logged more than 566,016 steps in 268 miles. Cabo was along for the walk to encourage people to exercise with a pet for increased health and fitness.

The 12 walkers on the Sportline Steps Across America team were chosen from more than 300 entries and represented a cross section of Americans of varying ages (22 to 65) and races. Dan Kinsbourne, Sportline's vice president of marketing, described the walkers to SNEWS® in April as "ordinary citizens who wanted to participate in something extraordinary who are themselves committed to fitness walking and wanted to participate in the event."


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