Did you hear?...SF 49ers praise new FreeMotion training equipment in SF Chronicle Sports section

Strength equipment that uses cables got some free promotion with a huge photo on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle recently along with glowing praise from San Francisco 49ers players.

Strength equipment that uses cables got some free promotion with a huge photo on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle recently along with glowing praise from San Francisco 49ers players.


An above-the-fold photo showed players in the weight room of the newly revamped training facility for the football team pulling on cable arms of the FreeMotion Fitness Dual Cable Cross. Granted, unless you knew the brand's logo and style, it wouldn't be clear what company it was, but the concept was clear to all those sports readers: Tug on cables, and it'll get you fit.

The paper quoted 49er tackle Joe Staley, in the photo to the right, calling it "the best machine ever," although the writer only named the piece in print generically as a "dual cable cross."

"You can do a variety of different exercises on it," Staley told the Chronicle in a story published April 29, 2009. "We probably do 10 different exercises on it. We can work our core and abs and legs. If your goal is to have a home gym, you want to have this machine and a squat rack. That's all you need."

Also noted as part of the remodeling of the 20-year-old training facility were additions of racks of kettlebells, as well as exercise balls and elastic tubing.

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--Therese Iknoian


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