Did you hear?... Outlast reorganizes management and staff

In keeping with its technology -- that is, phase change material -- Outlast has decided it needs to phase in a company change of its own through reorganization of management and staff.

In keeping with its technology -- that is, phase change material -- Outlast has decided it needs to phase in a company change of its own through reorganization of management and staff. According to CEO George Cattermole, some positions have been eliminated, some new ones created, and responsibilities shifted all to achieve a greater focus on product development. So, buckle up, because here goes: Gordon Roe, most recently with BHA Technologies eVENT Fabrics Division, joins Outlast as Marketing and Business Development Director for the western United States. He will work along side fellow Business Development Directors John Mitchell and Guy Eckert. Danielle Borden, takes on the role of Marketing Coordinator, responsible for the development of sales and marketing support materials as well as trade shows. Duncan Edwards, VP Asia, now oversees Outlast Asia, as well as holding onto his Corporate Counsel hat. Jimmy Barnhardt, Home Furnishings Specialist, will support Outlast's home furnishings product entry. Wendy Pardo, Customer Service Manager, will oversee all customer service procedures and staff. Outlast co-founders Bernie Perry and Ed Payne will head up Outlast Ventures and be responsible for exploring untapped business opportunities. As if that weren't enough, Outlast also moves to a new location July 26 providing more office and laboratory space, as well as a view of the Boulder Flatirons -- new address is: Outlast, Valmont Building 2nd Floor, 5480 Valmont Rd., Boulder, CO 80301. SNEWS® View: All this is fine and dandy, but we still think Outlast desperately needs someone to actually explain and then proactively market to the broader consumer market -- in terms a layman can understand -- how Outlast works and why it is beneficial. We'll lay 10-to-1 odds that 99 percent of the consumer market -- you know, the ones who you actually need to convince to buy a product before you make a profit -- have no idea what Outlast is, does, or claims to do. Is that a problem? We think so.


Did you hear?... Outlast lays off five employees

Outlast has laid off five employees, a representative of the company confirmed to SNEWS®. Audrey DeBarros, the company's director of marketing, is one of the casualties, along with the only other member of the marketing department. Her last day is Oct. 31. The other layoffs are ...read more

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