Did you hear?... OutDoor show moves its dates for 2003

The OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen has moved its dates for 2003 to late July, the week before the summer ispo show in Munich.

The OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen has moved its dates for 2003 to late July, the week before the summer ispo show in Munich. Next summer, OutDoor will be Thursday-Sunday, July 24-27, dates that were decided by a trade show panel of international retailers. The show's management also has reported that this year's show had an increase in attendance of 9 percent, reaching 11,537, and an increase in exhibitors of 10 percent, from 452 to 650 brands represented. SNEWS® View: ispo and OutDoor are continuing the waltz of dates, trying to figure out the best match for best attendance. This year, many outdoor brands who were at both ispo and OutDoor did the trans-Atlantic hop twice with the Outdoor Retailer show planted square between the two. These July dates are early, but at last companies can if they want simply go to one, break down, move to the next city and go to the next, then hop a plane back to the U.S. for the show here. If they want…


Friedrichshafen OutDoor show and ispo in a date tussle

Ispo officials announced during the summer ispo last week that the dates of its 2006 summer show will move to July 16-18 -- ending just two days before the OutDoor Friedrichshafen show is set to begin. The decision, according to ispo show producer Messe Muenchen, has been caused ...read more

Ispo show in Germany leaps to June for summer 2003

Only weeks after the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, announced it would move from August to late July dates for its summer 2003 event -- before ispo's scheduled dates in early August -- ispo has thrown done the glove and leapfrogged ahead to late June, making it the ...read more

Did you hear?... Summer ispo 2002 has moved its dates to early August

Summer ispo 2002 has moved its dates to early August. Next year, the show will take place from Aug. 3-6. This year the show (www.ispo.com) was in late July. It will still take place on a Saturday to Tuesday, show management has announced. The decision was made based primarily on ...read more

Debate simmers over swap by Germany's OutDoor show to July dates

The continuing smolder over trade show dates was re-ignited by the OutDoor specialty trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, when its board voted to move the 2003 show to late July, departing from its mid-August timing. Not only does that make life challenging for hardware ...read more

Did you hear?... Snowboard sub-committee displeased with SIA's decision to move show to later dates

SNEWS® has learned, before many SIA board members it appears, that the snowboard sub-committee recently met in Las Vegas and expressed the group's sincere displeasure with the SIA board's recent decision to move the show to later dates -- click here to read our story. The ...read more

Did you hear?... UK's OIA moves show back to late September

Retreating from its November announcement that it would move its annual Go Outdoors trade show to early August, the United Kingdom's Outdoor Industries Association today announced it has moved the dates back to late September. The early August date, which was also in conflict ...read more

Did you hear?... SIA moves 2003 show to Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Resort

SIA today announced to its members that it was moving its 2003 show to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Resort. According to David Ingemie in a conversation with SNEWS® earlier this month, SIA recently learned of the availability of Mandalay Bay while exploring options for ...read more

Friedrichshafen affirms decision for late July expo dates

The OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen has confirmed it will stick to its decision to move its summer show to late July 2003. "If we want to be an international trade fair, then we must choose a time for the show when all the new outdoor trends are ready," an unnamed speaker ...read more

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