Did you hear?... Official email policy protects you and your employees

Does your company have an official email policy? If not, you should -- to protect both you and your employees.

Does your company have an official email policy? If not, you should -- to protect both you and your employees. A ruling in a recent California appellate case offers advice for companies on court-accepted policies governing the use of business computers and email systems, whether tele-commuting from home or in a company building. The court described the following as contents of an effective Internet and email policy that must be made public to be enforced: One, electronic communications must be used for company business only; two, the company reserves the right to monitor and access all Internet and e-mail usage; three, the company will keep copies of all Internet and e-mail passwords; four, passwords provide no assurance of confidential communications; five, transmission of any discriminatory, offensive or unprofessional messages is prohibited; six, access to any Web site that is discriminatory or offensive is prohibited; seven, no employee may use company Internet access to post opinions on the Internet, particularly any opinion of a political or discriminatory nature.



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