Did you hear?... Nielsen management changes to affect HFB, Interbike shows

Realizing his desire, as he put it, "to step outside the bubble," Lance Camisasca, show director since 2001 for the Health & Fitness Business and Interbike shows, will leave show owner Nielsen Business Media as of Dec. 31, 2007, marking the end of a decade with the company.

Realizing his desire, as he put it, "to step outside the bubble," Lance Camisasca, show director since 2001 for the Health & Fitness Business and Interbike shows, will leave show owner Nielsen Business Media as of Dec. 31, 2007, marking the end of a decade with the company.

He will still however oversee sales and marketing strategies and development as a consultant, Camisasca and vice president Joe Flynn told SNEWS®. Both also expressed confidence the shows will progress well with the team members that are in place after a few minor shuffles also to take affect in January to make up for the departure. The company will not replace the role; instead, each division head will report to Flynn.

"I'm very confident with the team that's here," Camisasca said. "I think the time is right.

"Five years ago it would have been unheard-of for a show director to leave and not replace him, but we're structured differently now," he added. "I'm very comfortable with this."

Flynn said his goal with Camisasca is to have him still head up evolving and driving strategy so it made no sense to replace him.

"It's a great opportunity for Lance," Flynn said. "It allows him to focus on helping the shows step up to their potential. I see it as a win-win."

HFB sales rep Robert Roman will move to work exclusively with the Interbike show, while Brian McKavic (Brian.mckavic@nielsen.com) will take on more fitness accounts. Andria Klinger (Andria.klinger@nielsen.com) will continue to lead the sales department for the fitness show.

The 2008 HFB Expo (www.healthandfitnessbiz.com) will be July 17-19, again at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The show is owned by Nielsen Business Media, also the parent company of Interbike, Outdoor Retailer, Action Sports Retailer and FlyFishing Retailer trade shows.



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