Did you hear?… Last week to voice your thoughts in the HFB show survey by SNEWS

After 10 days, our first SNEWS® mini-survey on the Health & Business Expo has seen an outpouring of responses, but there's still time to have your voice heard too!

After 10 days, our first SNEWS® mini-survey on the Health & Business Expo has seen an outpouring of responses, but there's still time to have your voice heard too!

We are asking a handful of key questions on the show's location, exhibitors and events, and in general on your thoughts or suggestions so we can share the input not only with the industry but also with the show management.

The survey gates will be open until Sept. 3, but don't wait to air your thoughts. Click here (or paste this link into your browser -- www.snewsnet.com/hfbsurvey) to answer the questions. With only four required questions and four optional ones (which we hope you'll choose to answer too), it'll only take a couple of minutes. SNEWS has worked closely with the show, which is owned by the Nielsen Business Media group, the same group that operates Outdoor Retailer, InterBike and others, but since we remain independent we look forward to truthful opinions from you to facilitate changes for the better.

Tell your colleagues and coworkers! Be sure to do it before Sept. 3. And, as always with SNEWS, all information is confidential. Click here to access the survey now. www.snewsnet.com/HFBsurvey

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at snewsbox@snewsnet.com.

(Respondents need to be SNEWS subscribers, but since we have a FREE basic version that's easy. Just tell your colleagues to go to www.snewsnet.com/subscribe, scroll down to "Want a FREE subscription," then click there and fill out the form. Not only will they get to do the survey, but they'll also start getting their own SNEWS email alerts each week so they too can "Wake Up to Real News.")


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