Did you hear?... JanSport honored with The Sports Authority’s 2001 Victor Award

JanSport Inc. has been honored with The Sports Authority’s 2001 Victor Award.
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JanSport Inc. has been honored with The Sports Authority’s 2001 Victor Award. According to Todd Spaletto, vice president of sales for JanSport, the two companies worked closely together to develop a fresh product mix for The Sports Authority that included JanSport's products in the daypack, technical pack and travel categories, as well as Eastpak daypacks. JanSport also provided materials and expertise for in-store merchandising, co-op advertising and other tools that helped The Sports Authority maximize the product lines' sales. The result was a 27-percent increase in retail sales for those products over the previous year, with margin increases across the board. SNEWS® View: This award marks the third time in the past 12 months that JanSport has been recognized by its vendors (JC Penny and REI were the other two) for playing well with others and being a company that seeks to maximize its own sales by enhancing and developing the sales opportunities for its retailers. Any company that can help a retailer sell more products at a higher margin leading to increased profit is going to receive positive attention. And they don't run with scissors either.


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