Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin reaches Finland

After already being sold for a few years by four dealers in Greenland, Jack Wolfskin has now reached Finland.

After already being sold for a few years by four dealers in Greenland, Jack Wolfskin has now reached Finland. The shop Rintamaki in Oulo, a city with a population of 100,000 in the northwest, is the newest dealer of the Wolfskin paw in its 13,000-square-foot store.


Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin establishes a branch in Switzerland

Jack Wolfskin has established a branch in Switzerland (Jack Wolfskin Switzerland GmbH), taking one more step to expand the brand in other Alpine countries. Country manager will be Beat Vogt. ...read more

Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin opens its 43rd store

Jack Wolfskin is on a roll. On Oct. 4, the Germany-based outdoor company opened its 43rd store in Wuerzburg. That came on the heels of its 42nd store overall, in Zuerich, Switzerland, which is its second store in that country. That came just a couple of weeks after the company's ...read more

Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin introduces technical jacket for kids

Germany's Jack Wolfskin brand has introduced a highly technical jacket for kids that is "CE-certified." That is a European certification that verifies a product complies with a certain standard. In this case, the jacket has reflective tape all around so the wear is visible from ...read more

Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin appoints Andrew Nicolson as U.K. country manager.

Jack Wolfskin, based in Germany, has appointed Andrew Nicolson as U.K. country manager. "Nicolson's appointment is timed to coincide with the rejuvenation of the U.K. outdoor market whereby retailers previously affected by the recent difficult trading conditions are now ...read more

Did you hear?... Jack Wolfskin president says post-9/11 market situation has been tough for small companies

Manfred Hell, president of Jack Wolfskin, tells SNEWS® that the market situation post-Sept. 11 for small companies like his has been a tough row to hoe, but that his company at least is in for the long haul. It doesn't hurt to have posted a growth rate of nearly 18 percent for ...read more

Jack Wolfskin was not sold, contrary to reports

In contradiction to news reports that have circulated in U.S. trade newsletters and international newspapers, Germany-based outdoor specialist Jack Wolfskin has not been sold. Wolfskin President Manfred Hell told SNEWS®, after rumors re-surfaced at and after the recent ispo ...read more

Jack Wolfskin takes counterfeiters on eBay to court

Jack Wolfskin of Germany has recently begun suing counterfeiters who have been selling alleged Wolfskin product on the eBay Internet site, which the company discovered through regular monitoring to uncover such illegal endeavors. “There is a huge black market out there,” ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> We know, we don't normally talk about new product introductions here, but this one is wild. Airstream, the manufacturer of ultimate RV trailers, went to Kelty and has now partnered with it to create the ultimate Base Camp (photo available only in the Outdoor Did You Hears ...read more


The hunt for Jack Wolfskin closes in: Decision expected in April

Ever since Jack Wolfskin exited in 2002 from selling product in the United States, interest in the German brand of outdoor gear and apparel hasn’t ceased. After passing from the hands of Johnson Outdoors to Bain Capital to Quadriga/Barclays Private Equity, the brand, which has ...read more