Did you hear?... Events of 9/11 still affecting you?

If the events of Sept. 11 have and still affect you personally and professionally at least a little, you aren't alone.

If the events of Sept. 11 have and still affect you personally and professionally at least a little, you aren't alone, according to survey results from Net Future Institute. "Many respondents believe that the personal impact of 9/11 is pervasive, but also not immediately noticeable, even in one's self. Subtle changes in philosophy and outlook towards life, fear of the future, psychological stress, and a reassessment of values are some of the most common effects noted. Others mention that the personal ramifications of 9/11 are intimately tied to the economic and organizational factors." For more, go to www.netfutureinstitute.com.


Did you hear?... Never-ending to-do list?

Got a never-ending to-do list that you never quite get to the bottom of? You aren't alone. When the Net Future Institute asked what happens to the bottom 10-20 percent of the tasks on executives' and managers' lists that aren't completed over the course of the day, 44.2 percent ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Although a settlement in the lawsuit brought by Precor against Life Fitness for alleged patent infringement on its elliptical was expected to be finalized in late May, the two companies are continuing their negotiations, according to court documents for the U.S. District ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Katina Geralis, owner and founder of specialty retail group Leisure Fitness based in Delaware, is featured in the February 2004 issue of Delaware Today magazine (www.delawaretoday.com). The story, called "A Perfect Fit," details how the University of Delaware PE major was ...read more

JanSport, Eastpak donate $62,000 to 9/11 fund

To aid the families of victims lost on Sept. 11, JanSport and Eastpak have donated $62,258 from the sale of select apparel to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. Mike Cisler, president of JanSport, said the employees of Jansport and Eastpak banded together to plan the ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> In the June 7 issue of Business Week magazine, sporting goods stores were all over the magazine's annual list of "Top 100 Growth Companies" -- what the magazine considers America's fastest-growing small companies. To be considered, a company must be publicly traded, have ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> In another way to personalize its staff members to customers, salespeople at The Fitness Experience stores will stop using business cards. Nope, no more of those boring little cards. Instead, a la popular police cards, the staffers will handout mini-baseball-cards -- complete ...read more