Did you hear?... Eugene Buchanan first up for the Executive Dunk Tank fundraiser

Eugene Buchanan, publisher of Paddler magazine, was first up for the Executive Dunk Tank fundraiser during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

Eugene Buchanan, publisher of Paddler magazine, was first up for the Executive Dunk Tank fundraiser during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Poised on the edge of the Paddle Tank, hands and feet bound with duct tape and wearing an SOS PFD -- a special PFD designed to automatically trigger following submersion and then bring the wearer to the surface and float that person face up -- Buchanan was told to dive in. So he did, executing a lovely swan entry that garnered a few 9.5s from observers. Trouble is, the pool ain't that deep. As Buchanan's nose impacted with a metal grate in the bottom of the pool, the SOS did its thing and triggered, sending Buchanan rocketing to the surface with blood streaming down his face. Not missing a beat, the announcer mentioned that Yakima/Watermark (owners of the SOS brand) would be upping their ad buy this year. Following Buchanan's entry, other industry execs opted for a more subtle water entry, taking pool plunges with less verve and vigor. SNEWS® View: We suspect that other publishers are now pondering how they can turn a virtual PR debacle into an advertising revenue coup for their team next year. By the way, this is the true story. The rumors that Buchanan struggled for a few minutes on the bottom of the pool when the device didn't trigger were untrue -- a great example of how rumors proliferate and get out of hand.


Did you hear?... WaterMark Industry Leader Dunk Tank.

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Did you hear?...Paddler magazine is NOT shutting down

In mid-October, rumors starting circulating that Paddler magazine, and its trade publication Paddle Dealer, were shutting down. Glen Bernard, publisher of Paddler, told SNEWS® nothing could be further from the truth. Fresh from a recent American Canoe Association meeting (ACA is ...read more

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