Did you hear?... Denver Business Journal runs feature on Kim and Demetri Coupounas

The May 24 edition of the Denver Business Journal ran a nice feature on Kim and Demetri Coupounas, the husband and wife team driving the success of GoLite.

The May 24 edition of the Denver Business Journal ran a nice feature on Kim and Demetri Coupounas, the husband and wife team driving the success of GoLite. " Kim and Demetri Coupounas first discovered how well they work together when planning their 1992 wedding, they told the Journal. 'It was our first big project. We loved working together, pulling ideas out of each other's head,' Kim recollects. It was a union that now finds them working 5 feet from each other as founders, and CEO and president, respectively, of GoLite LLC." To read the full article, click here. SNEWS® View: Being a husband and wife team ourselves, SNEWS® tips our marital and publishing hat of respect to the Coupounas pair for managing, successfully, to marry work, life, and love.


Outdoor: Did you hear?...

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Fitness: Did you hear?

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>> Despite rumors to the contrary, Outdoor Retailer show management confirmed with SNEWS that Winter Market remains a four-day show. Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Director Peter Devin told SNEWS that, "while there is strong interest in exploring a three-day show, there is by no ...read more

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>> Bauer Industries, the parent company of the Sports Rack retail chain, (www.sportsrack.com) re-acquired its manufacturing division, BVG, from bankrupt Steel Horse. In 1999, BVG was acquired by Steel Horse Automotive, one of the largest names in the aftermarket auto accessory ...read more

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