Did you hear?... CPI for sporting goods has fallen 2.7 percent

The Consumer Price Index for sporting goods has fallen 2.7 percent for October to 104.1, compared to October 2000.
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The Consumer Price Index for sporting goods has fallen 2.7 percent for October to 104.1, compared to October 2000. This was slightly more than the drop in September of 2.3 percent. Since its December 1999 peak of -5.8 percent, this CPI from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been moving gradually higher, or less negative, reaching its best position in June 2001 before becoming increasingly negative. This provides an indicator of the ability to increase consumer prices for sports equipment. An inability to increase prices, as shown by a more negative percent, does not necessarily mean an inability to increase profits, the government bureau points out. Improving operations and management, and reducing costs can still improve profitability. To get all the details, go to www.bls.gov/cpi/home.htm


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