Did you hear?... Columbia standing behind Moonstone warranty

After a retailer contacted SNEWS® following an interaction with Moonstone customer service informing the retailer that Moonstone warranties were not being honored, we did a bit of digging.

After a retailer contacted SNEWS® following an interaction with Moonstone customer service informing the retailer that Moonstone warranties were not being honored, we did a bit of digging. Like the retailer, we were surprised that Columbia was allegedly not standing behind the Moonstone warranty even though the company has confirmed with us it is not moving forward with the Moonstone brand until at least spring 2008, and most likely fall 2008. So, we first called 800-390-3312, the customer service line for Moonstone. Sure enough, we were told that since Moonstone had been acquired by Columbia, retailers could either take care of the customer themselves and then claim a credit on any unpaid invoices (hard to do when no orders are currently being taken), or get in line with all the other creditors at the courts still duking it out in the London Fog bankruptcy.

Not satisfied with that answer, SNEWS® contacted Doug Prentice, vice president of global outerwear integration at Columbia, and the man in charge of Pacific Trail/Moonstone since the acquisition. Prentice was just as surprised as we were that retailers and customers were not being taken care of. While Columbia is still working through the exact logistics regarding Moonstone warranty issues, Prentice told us that retailers should feel free to contact Columbia's warranty service number at 800-547-8066. Most likely, warranty issues will be sent directly to him and the company will deal with them as efficiently and fairly as possible. Bottom line, Prentice assured us, is that Columbia will not leave a retailer (even if that retailer is not a current Columbia dealer) and its customers hanging.



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