Did you hear?... Americans aren't the only ones vacationing closer to home

It seems Americans aren't the only ones who may end up curtailing air travel or long-distance travel post-Sept. 11.

It seems Americans aren't the only ones who may end up curtailing air travel or long-distance travel post-Sept. 11. The national sales manager for one key German brand says many are choosing to go camping or skiing closer to home, which means business there is doing OK -- not huge growth, but still pretty decent. In fact, a report in a local newspaper reported that air travelers in Germany were down by 5 million in 2001 -- with most of that drop coming in the last quarter of the year


Did you hear?...Yoga and wellness vacations on the rise

According to an Associated Press story that ran the week of Sept. 16 in papers around the country, yoga and wellness vacations are topping the list of favored activities for affluent travelers, those that bring in incomes of more than $150,000 a year. One resort, Tucson, ...read more

Did you hear?... Regional travel is "in"

Since Sept. 11, there's been lots of talk about regional travel being the only segment of the travel industry that will do well for the next year. Ski areas are courting the "rubber tire market" more than ever before and the quick flight to Aspen or Sun Valley for a long weekend ...read more

Did you hear?... Apparently we aren't even trying to lose weight

Despite recent government studies showing that the ever-increasing rate of obesity has finally for once not climbed, recent research shows one reason obesity continues to be an issue is that we simply aren't really trying very hard. In a poll commissioned by the America On the ...read more

Did you hear?... Events of 9/11 still affecting you?

If the events of Sept. 11 have and still affect you personally and professionally at least a little, you aren't alone, according to survey results from Net Future Institute. "Many respondents believe that the personal impact of 9/11 is pervasive, but also not immediately ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Folks are just filtering back into their offices April 28 from Club Industry East, which moved back to New York this year. Seems traffic was back up a bit over last year's rather sleepy show in Washington, D.C. We heard that the overall feel was "positive." For one, Life ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Pacemaster's retailer who laid it all on the line at the company's annual dealer costume party each won a treadmill for their daring at the festivities at the Health & Fitness Business show on Aug. 19. First place went to Chris Newman of the Fitness Depot in Calgary who was ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> Last week, Columbia Sportswear joined forces with authorities in Kuala Lumpur to raid three Malaysian Factory Outlet Stores selling counterfeit Columbia Sportswear apparel, seizing more than 1,400 counterfeit shirts and pants using Columbia labels. The raids took place ...read more

Outdoor: Did you hear?...

>> Two long-time VNU trade show employees are leaving the Outdoor Retailer and Fly-Fishing Retailer fold. Beth Gordon, national sales manager, and Summer Williams, special events manager, each gave notice in late April. After more than six years, Gordon is joining Czarnowski ...read more

Fitness: Did you hear?...

>> Dave Taylor has been appointed North American sales manager for Bodyguard Fitness. Taylor originally joined Bodyguard a year ago, coming from Muscle Dynamics for the newly created position of eastern regional manager of commercial sales. Taylor had been at Muscle Dynamics for ...read more